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Hiking Porter Guide in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is the most adventure destination in the world. People from different country, they visit Nepal for the purpose of trekking. Himalaya Trip organizes your trekking in your requirement and satisfaction. We organize your trekking in Nepal different way. All the travelers to Nepal are not financial same level. They expect their trekking according to their own budget. If people are financially sound and have short holiday, they prefer to do deluxe trekking. We found many travelers in Nepal. They are student, long travelers and backpack trekkers. To support those trekkers, we organize porter guide in Nepal for all trekking destination of Nepal. They prefer to hike porter guide. The porter guide is those persons who can communicate with you in English and also support to carry your luggage. It is comparatively least cost on your trek. The cost of Porter Guide is US25 per Porter Guide, 20 Dollar for Per Porter and US$30 Dollar Per professional trekking guide. The price includes his salary, equipment, meals, accommodation, and transportation. The tips does not included on this price. It is cheapest way to do trekking in Nepal.

Why hiking porter guide in trekking?

We arrange porter guide to support trekking in Nepal. It is the cheapest to do trekking in Nepal. Porter Guide will support to lead your trekking and carry your bag pack. Trekking without guide or porter is more challenge for trekkers and chance to lose the trekking trail. It is happening in Nepal individual trekkers. By hiring a porter guide, you will have safe journey to Nepal. It is also support budget traveler to trek in Nepal by hiring porter guide which is affordable price for them too.

Porter Guide from Lukla: Everest Region Trek

Mt.Everest is the highest mountain in the world. The region is very popular for trekking. Lukla is the gate way of Everest region trekking. You arrange your porter guide at Lukla. It will support your cost of flight ticket for your porter guide. The porter guide will lead you trekking on this region. He will also explain you about Everest trekking. It will be cheap and safe trek. They are well experience.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Gokyo Lake Renjo La Pass Trek

Everest 3 Passes Trek

Porter Guide in Manaslu Trek

Trekking in Nepal is walking on place to another. You need some helper to transport your trekking gears one place to another. The Manaslu Trekking offers a perfect combination of rich culture heritage, unsurpassed Himalayan beauty, and a rich mountain biological diversity. All the trekkers are not affordable to pay camping and full package trekking cost. We organize your porter guide for this region trek. The porter guide will support to carry luggage as well as lead your trek. The tea house has been built on this region. You can stay one place to another at the Lodge.

Manaslu Trek

Tsum Valley Manaslu Trek

Porter Guide in Ruby Valley Trek

Ruby Valley Trek is hidden trekking route in Nepal which is recently open for trekkers. The area is most popular for natural resources ruby, rich of cultural heritage and Himalayan beauty. We have specialized and export porter guide for this region. The home stay has been built on this region. You can stay one village another at home stay Lodge. There is simple accommodation and foods are Nepalese dishes.

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Packing list for trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is one of the most popular holiday activities in Nepal. There are different types of trekking in Nepal. Some trekking destinations are easy and lower elevation trekking. It is not necessary to have well equipment for Easy and lower elevation trekking (below 4000m). The basic equipment will be enough for you. Some trekking destinations are challenging and higher elevation (above 4000m). You should have well equipment to do these types of trekking. These types of trekking destinations are comparatively cold and challenging. You should know the best packing list when you book the trek.

Equipment Check List:

  • Trekking boots (If new boots are purchased, “break them in” to avoid blisters) and spare laces
  • Hat (Warm),scarf and gloves
  • Trousers (Warm trousers are useful higher up in the mountains in the morning and at night.)
  • Running shoes, sandals or thongs (To wear in the camp at night or when your boots are wet).
  • Shorts and trousers or skirt
  • Wool-blend socks, liner socks and under wear(three pairs)
  • Thermal underwear
  • Sunhat
  • Fleece jacket
  • T-shirts (two or three) and long sleeved shirt with collar (long sleeved – shirt is particularly suitable for avoiding sun burn.)
  • Laundry soap powder or bar
  • Toilet paper
  • Sunscreen (SPF 20+) and lip balm
  • Polarizing sunglasses
  • Pocket knife
  • Iodine ,water-purification tablets or filter
  • Insect repellent ( for lower elevation)
  • Emergency kit including a whistle and waterproof matches or lighter
  • Stuff sacks
  • Earplugs
  • Back pack
  • Sleeping back and silk liner
  • Water bottle
  • Torch (flashlight),spare batteries and bulbs
  • Duffle bag
  • Gaiters
  • Down jacket or down vest
  • Camera ,memory card and battery charger( spare batteries)
  • Altimeter
  • GPS unit
  • Binoculars
  • Books and magazines
  • Small duffle bag (to leave behind in Kathmandu
  • Back pack cover (waterproof, slip-on)
  • Trekking poles
  • Quick- drying camp towel
  • Day pack (This is a small rucksack to carry personal requirements for the day e.g. toilet items, cameras, film, towel, soap, chocolate bar etc.)
  • 2-4 large plastic bags: to separate clean clothes from dirty ones
  • Personal medical supplies
  • Optional: Reading materials, game items, notebook, rubber bands, pen and pencil, envelopes, a diary, a calendar, a small pillow or headrest (optional), thermarest an inflatable sleeping mat, trekking map, adequate quantities of passport photographs etc.

High altitude Sickness

The trekking activities is always in Himalayas with high altitude. When you trek in Nepal, you should know about High altitude sickness. It helps you to reduce the risk on the trek.

Causes of high altitude

  • Less Oxygen
  • Low pressure i.e. Barometric (Climatic) pressure
  • Possible dehydration
  • Hypothermia

Types of altitude sickness

  • AMS ( Acute Mountain Sickness (Normal Risk)
  • HAPE ( High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) ( Medium Risk)
  • HACE ( High Altitude Cerebral Edema) ( High Risk)

Symptoms of High Altitude Sickness

AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness)

  • Headache
  • Fatigue/ Tiredness
  • Shortness of breathing
  • Loose of Appetite
  •   Sleeping Disturbance

HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema)

  • Shortness of breathing even on the resting
  • Dry cough
  • Severe Cough
  • Very Tired
  • If the pulse is above 110 , it is the symptom of Hape
  • Blueness of face, lip, fingernails
  • Hyporthermia

HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema)

  • Severe Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Ataxia ( Walking as a Drunker)
  • Altered mental status / Mental confusion
  • Irritable / Does not want to be bothered by other people.
  • Coma/ Unconsciousness


  • Acclimatize
  • Slowly ascend
  • Drink enough water ( around 3-5 liters)
  • Do not carry heavy backpack
  • Climb everyday around 300m
  • Climb high sleep low
  • Do not travel alone
  • No Sleeping tablets, Alcohol, Smoking

Treatment without side effect

  • Descending is the best medicine
  • Oxygen
  • Gamow bag

Treatment without side effect

  • AMS Diamox 125mg/ 6 hours
  • HAPE Nafedipine 50mg / 6 hours
  • HACE Dexamethasone 50mg / 6 hours

The best hiking places around Kathmandu

Kathmandu valley is sounded by many Hills. There are many places to hike. If you are vising in Kathmandu with short period of time or working in Kathmandu and want a day hike for weekend.  You have variety place, you may choose according to your desire.

Nagarkot Sunrise tour and Changu hike is one of the most popular hike in Kathmandu. On this hike, you will experience Sunrise view from Nagarkot Tower (2175m) and Hike is half way village and half way on the jungle from Nagarkot to Changunarayan Temple. You will have an opportunity to explore one of the oldest Changunarayan Hindu Temple. The hike is around 3-4 hours walk.

Shivapuri Hike will start at Muhan Pani, you will hike up to Shivapuri Peak around 2800m and Nagi Gompa and back to Muhan Pani. The trail is mostly on the Jungle walk and the hike is inside the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. The hike is around 6 hours walk.

Nagarkot Sunrise and Dhulikhel hike is Sunrise view from Nagarkot Tower 2175m, and hike from Nagarkot to Dhulikhel. You will pass small village and rice terrace. The hike is around 6 hours walk.

Champa Devi Bhasmasur Hike is one of the popular hike around Kathmandu. You will have a beautiful view of Kathmandu valley and Himalayas View. The hike is all the way uphill from Pharping to Bhasmasur and From Bhasmasur 2496m, downhill to Machhegaun. The hike is around 7 hours walk.

Jamacho Gumba Hike will be at Shivapuri Nagarkot National Park. The hike will start at the Fulbari Gate. The hike is all the uphill to the Jamacho Gumba 2100m. You will have a beautiful view of Kathmandu valley and Himalayas View in the clear day and back to same way. The hike is around 6 hours walk.

Dhulikhel Namobuddha Panauti Hike is one of the beautiful hike. You will drive to Dhulikhel and hike from Dhulikhel to Namobuddha 1750m and hike down to Panauti and drive back to Kathmandu. You will have a beautiful Himalayas and valley view. The hike is around 7 hours.

Phulchoki Hike is one of the popular hike. The hike will start at the Godawari. The trail is all the way up to Phulchoki Hill 2700m which is highest hill around Kathmandu valley. After the beautiful view, walk back to Godawari and drive back to your Hotel. The hike is around 8 hours walk.

Chandragiri Hike is another Hill to hike around Kathmandu. You will start the hill from Tribhuwan Park and hike all the way to top of the Chandragiri Hill 2550m. You will have a beautiful Himalayas view and Kathmandu valley. On the way back, you have an option to take a cable car. The one way hike is around 4 hours walk.

Kakani Suryachaur hike will start at Kakani 2030m and end at Suryachaur 1970m Hike. After lunch at Suryachaur, drive back to Kathmandu. 4 hours walk.

Is it available every day?

We organize small group private hike. If you are more than 2 people, you may book any desire dates.

When is the time to hike?

We organize this hike every day in whole year. September to May is the best time to hike.

Cost of the day hike?

The cost of the day hike is depending on the group size.

Other Hiking in Kathmandu

Other Hiking in Pokhara

Trekking Peaks in Nepal

The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has classified 28 (previously 33) peaks in Nepal as “trekking peaks”, a misleading name because all involve climbing. Ranging from 5849-6584m (19,185-21,596ft) some are, however, of appropriate height and climbing grade for commercial expeditions.

S.NMountain/PeakHeight (m.)Himalayan RangeDistrictCaravan Route
1.Chulu East6584mDamodarManangKtm-Beisahar-Ngadi-Jagat-Dharapani-BC
2.Chulu West6419mManangManangKtm-Besisahar-Ngadi-Jagat-Dharapani
3.Ganja-la Chuli (Naya Kanga)5863mLangtang HimalRasuwa/ SindhupalchokKtm-Dhunche-Sysbru Goan- Lama hotel-Kyanjin Gomba-Ganjala B.C
5.Imja Tse (Island Peak)6165m  Khumbu HimalSolukhumbuktm-Lukla-Namche-Tyangboche-Pangpoche-Dingboche-chhukang-B.C
6.Khongma Tse (Mehara Peak)5849mKhumbu HimalSolukhumbuKtm-Lukla-Namche-Dole-Mechermo-gokyo-Dughala-B.C
7.Kusum Kangru6360mKhumbu HimalSolukhumbuktm-lukla-namcheThame-Khumjung-B.C
8.Kwangde6086mKhumbu HimalSolukhumbuKtm-Lukla-Merala-Randimng-Hunde-B.C
9.Lobuje6090mKhumbu HimalSolukhumbuKtm-Lukla-Namche-Thame-RermoPokhari-Gokya-dzonghla-B.C
10.Mera Peak6470mKhumbu HimalSolukhumbuKTM- Lukla-Kothe-Khare-Mera High Camp   Or KTM-Bung Mahakulung- Panchpokhari- Kothe- Khare- Mera High Camp  
11.Mt.ABI6043mMahalangurSolukhumbuLukla-Khumjung-Gokyo- Abi BC
15.Mt.Kyazo Ri6151mMahalangurSolukhumbuLukla-Namche-gokya-Bc
16.Mt.Langsisa Ri6412mJugalRasuwaDhunche-Lantang-Langshis-BC
17.Mt.Larkya Peak6416mManasluGorkhaGorkha-Samagoun-Lamjung Bc
18.Mt.Lobuje West               6135mMahalangurSolukhumbuLukla-Merala-BC
21.Mt.Phari Lapcha6017mMahalangurSolukhumbuLukla-Namche-Machermo-BC
22.Mt.Yubra Himal6048mLangtang Himal    Rasuwa               Dhunche-Legberi BC
23.Paldor Peak5903m  Langtang HimalDhading/RasuwaKtm-Dhading-Ankhu khola-Rigaon-JAralang-Sertung-Krarka-somdang
24.Pharchamo6279mRolwaling Himal    Dolakha/SolukhumbuKtm-Dolkha-siguti-jagat-simigaon-Chagebukharka-Beding-Na-B.C
25.Pisang Peak6091mManangManangKtm-Beshisahar-Bahundanda-Chamja-Bagarchhap-Chame- Pisang B.C
26.Ramdung5900m  Rolwaling HimalRamechhap/DolakhaKtm-dolkha-Siguti-GongerDoranangbu-Beding-Na-Kabung-Kydug-Kongma-Drolmaban- Tashi Lapcha-B.C
27.Shigu Chuli(fluted peak)                6501mAnnapurna HimalKaskiktm-pokhara-Tilkedhunga-Ghorepani-Tadhaani  

Service Charges for Foreign Climber per person in US dollar

   Cost/ SeasonSpringAutumnwinterSummer
S.NMountain/PeakHeight (m.)Himalayan RangeMarch-April-MaySept-Oct-NovDec-Jan-FebJune-July-August
1.Chulu East6584mDamodarUSD400USD200USD100USD100
2.Chulu West6419mManangUSD250USD125USD70USD70
3.Ganja-la Chuli (Naya Kanga)5863mLangtang HimalUSD250USD125USD70USD70
5.Imja Tse(Island Peak)6165mKhumbu HimalUSD250USD125USD70USD70
6.Khongma Tse(Mehara Peak)5849mKhumbu HimalUSD250USD125USD70USD70
7.Kusum Kangru6360mKhumbu HimalUSD250USD125USD70USD70
8.Kwangde6086mKhumbu HimalUSD250USD125USD70USD70
9.Lobuje6119mKhumbu HimalUSD250USD125USD70USD70
10.Mera Peak6470mKhumbu HimalUSD250USD125USD70USD70
11.Mt. ABI6043mMahalangurUSD250USD125USD70USD70
12.Mt. Bokta6114mKanchenjungaUSD250USD125USD70USD70
15.Mt.Kyazo Ri6186mMahalangurUSD250USD125USD70USD70
16.Mt.Langsisa Ri6412mJugalUSD250USD125USD70USD70
17.Mt.Larkya Peak6416mManasluUSD250USD125USD70USD70
18.Mt.Lobuje West               6135mMahalangurUSD250USD125USD70USD70
21.Mt.Phari Lapcha6017mMahalangurUSD250USD125USD70USD70
22.Mt.Yubra Himal6048m  Langtang Himal    USD250USD125USD70USD70
23.Paldor Peak5903mLangtang Himal    USD250USD125USD70USD70
24.Pharchamo6279mRolwaling Himal    USD250USD125USD70USD70
25.Pisang Peak6091mManangUSD250USD125USD70USD70
26.Ramdung5900mRolwaling Himal    USD250USD125USD70USD70
27.Shigu Chuli(fluted peak)   6501mAnnapurna HimalUSD400USD200USD100USD100

Winter Trek

The best trek in winter

Nepal is very popular in Nepal. We have easy to most adventure trekking. As we have four season. The autumn and spring is the best time to trek in Nepal. We have some specific trek in winter and summer season. This information will be helpful for you if you are looking some trekking winter (December – February).

Winter (December, January, and February) is coolest season in Nepal, still clear sky and beautiful Himalayas view. We do not recommend adventure and high passes trek this time. We have a day trek, short and lower altitude trek, all the tours which is still good time.

Why do you trek in winter?

  • The weather is still clear sky and beautiful Himalayas view
  • You will avoid the crowed , peaceful trek
  • Comfortable and Easily  available of accommodation
  • Special off-season price for flight tickets and trekking package
  • You may feel snow in low altitude trek

What temperature do we expect?

The minimum temperature will be around -5 Celsius at night and morning. And maximum temperature will be around 12 Celsius during the day in below trekking route.

Packing list for winter trek

If you are planning for a trek or tour in winter, I recommend bringing warm clothes.

  • Warm hat
  • Snow or sun glass
  • Warm or down jackets
  • Long-sleeved
  • Thermal set
  • Windproof jacket
  • Warm or windproof trouser
  • Warm sucks
  • Trekking shoes
  • Globes
  • Gaiters
  • Crampons
  • Sun block
  • Water bottle
  • Flash light
  • Quick dry towel
  • Backpack

Winter trekking and tour package in Nepal

If you have a holiday from your work and planning to do treks or tours in winter. We have some recommendation trekking and tours. They are;

Exploring the pristine shades of Himalayas: Poon Hill trek

Being an adventure-loving couple, we decided to experience a closer encounter with the mighty Himalayas in our vacation this year. Our holiday was cut off short due to some family functions, and we didn’t want to replace the idea so easily. Surfing the internet, we were lucky to find this four days trek of Poonhill by Himalayatrip.com. After some necessary questioning, they were prepared enough to run this trek on short notice.  Wasting no time, my wife and I flew to Kathmandu with expectations of knowing the mountains better from home.

More than just the snow-capped mountains, the smiling locals and warm hospitality

Our drive to Nayapul from Pokhara was smooth, and we enjoyed the snacks in the way. The early drive led us to perfect weather to start our trek in Nayapul. The sudden shift in the lifestyle and settlements amazed me as we’ve entered rural Nepal after only 3 hours of walk to a suspension bridge. The trail moved straight up for some time, and I can remember my wife looking me with the classic ‘this was supposed to be easy’ look.

However, the stretch completed quickly giving us a bit more relaxed trail to Ulleri. Nearing the village we were going to stay for tonight, we witnessed the local farming techniques in the Nepalese hills. The kids were playing and adults returning after the routine field activities, but a thing common was a beautiful smile and a greeting to the soul going by ‘Namaste.’ With a beautiful sunset from Ulleri, we ended our first day of Poonhill trek in a lodge here.

So much more than the internet but surprises are always delightful

With a great sleep last night, we started day two of our trek with a light breakfast in our guesthouse. The view was outstanding from the lodge, and we got a clear sight of the hills and mountains in the morning. The trek today was relaxed as assured by our guide Hari but he did fail to mention the majestic rhododendron forests we will be passing by today. The vibrant wildflowers and taking many pictures now and then, we didn’t feel even a little bit of the toil from that 5-hour walk to Ghorepani. We did research a bit about the trail, but we would certainly have missed the excellent narration of Hari on spotting the birds, herbs, flowers, and the culture of the locals there. Luck was certainly on our favor as we were blessed with beautiful weather throughout the trek. We went to bed early as we were familiar to the early hike of tomorrow.

Best sunrise of my life; the Himalayan glory in Poon Hill

Poonhill hike started early from Ghorepani. This very place is called so many times as the best viewpoint of Annapurna and even by many people as the king of short treks in Nepal. We were both excited as well as ready to test that if the destination is worth our efforts or not. With an easy hike for an hour, we reached the top of the hill just to be left amazed and speechless. The views of Annapurna and other ranges were so beautiful that internet pictures were just a bit of what the place has to offer. Hari helped us with the Peaks, and we picked some from the board there too. A small cafe there gave us more reasons and a hot beverage to fall for the place. We took many pictures and just enjoyed the moment there. This panoramic view from Poon hill will remain with us forever. After treasuring some moments at the viewpoint, we started the descent to Ghorepani.

Straight out of the ledger, the memories to remember forever

After the hike back to Ghorepani, we continued the return trek to Ghandruk. This stretch surprised me more as we got to interact more with the locals and just knew these places better. The stone patched roofs amazed us with cultural delights here. The local dress and Sukuti (Dry meat) varieties were amazing here. We spent a relaxed day at a community lodge in Ghandruk. Our last day of the trek started with another beautiful sunrise and local breakfast in Ghandruk. The views of Annapurna and fishtail accompanied us to Kimche, and we drove to Pokhara. We relaxed for a bit, and Pokhara was the perfect place to end our tour.

Overall, this trek was one of the best decision we made after realizing the majestic experience we collected here. The friendly locals, pristine nature, and a perfect short trekking experience here will lead us to visit there again. The job Himalayatrip.com has done flawless and looking back; we couldn’t have been on more reliable hands for the trek. With glorious memory and stories of our Poonhill trek to share and relish thanks to Himalayatrip.com, we discovered the Himalayas better than ever. Keep traveling as Ronald rook said ‘add life to days not days to life.’

The Best Way to view Mount Everest

Mount Everest is so popular after summiting on 29th May 1953 by Tenzing Sherpa Nepali and Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand climb first time.  Mount Everest (English) or Sagarmatha (Nepali) or Chomolungma (Chinese) name is the world highest mountain above sea level. The mountain is located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas. Its elevation of 8,848.86 m was most recently established in 2020 by the Chinese and Nepali authorities. You also have a opportunity to view other highest Peaks like Lhotse 8516m , Makalu 8485m, Cho Oyu 8188m and other popular peaks Ama Dablam 6856m, Island Peak, Lobuche Peak, Pumori, Nuptse , Kangteka, Konde, Mera Peak etc.

Sagarmatha National Park

  • Located in Solukhumbu
  • Established in 1976 A.D.
  • Listed in UNESCO World heritage site in 1979 A.D.
  • Area cover in 1148 km²
  • Approximately 2300 – 8848m above the sea level
  • Himalayan Thar
  • Red Panda
  • Snow Leopard
  • Musk Deer
  • Wild Yak
  • Grey-wolf
  • Approximately 250 Spices of birds

The highlight of Everest region

  • Tenzing Hillary Airport Lukla
  • Sherpa capital Namche Bazar 3441m
  • Saturday Market in Namche
  • Syangboche 3880m
  • Biggest Tengboche Monastery 3830m
  • Oldest Thame Monastery 3820m
  • Chhukung Ri 5546m
  • Kongma La pass 5535m
  • Everest Base Camp 5364m
  • Khumbu icefall
  • Kalapather 5550m
  • Cho La Pass 5420m
  • Gokyo Lake ( Longponga, Taujung Tsho, Gokyo Tsho, Thonak Tsho,  Ngozumba Tsho,  Gyazumba Tsho)
  • Gokyo Ri 5330m
  • Ngozumba Glacir
  • Renjo La Pass 5360m
  • Sherpa life style, culture, festival
  • Stone Mane walls and Stupa
  • Suspension Bridges

View of Mount Everest without Trekking / hiking

The trekkers whom do not have time to trek, elderly people, the people who is not physically fit for trekking, not interested for trekking people, this option is great opportunity to view Mount Everest and other Himalayas.

Everest Experience flight is the easiest and shortest way to view Mount Everest. You normally take off a flight from Kathmandu. The flights go to near Mount Everest. You will look the view from your plane window. Everybody have a window seats to get equal opportunity to view Mount Everest and other Himalayas. This flight will be 45 minutes. Many trekkers are choosing this option as their top priority as they do not need much time and comparatively reasonable cost. 

Everest Base camp helicopter landing tour from Kathmandu is a luxury way to view Mount Everest and other Himalayas. The Helicopter takes you from Kathmandu to Lukla, Pheriche and landed at Everest Base Camp. As the Helicopter landing above 5000m, you will have a short to observe the Mount Everest and other Himalayas view. You will fly back to Everest View Hotel in Shyangboche for Breakfast. You will still enjoy the view when you are having breakfast. After a while, you will fly back to Kathmandu by Helicopter.

View of Mount Everest with Trekking / Hiking

Trekking is the most popular adventure activities in Nepal. Trekking is the best way to view Mount Everest and other Himalayas. There are different types of the treks.

Everest View Trek is a short trek in Everest region. The trekkers who are interested to trek couple of the days, physically not really fit and mentally not ready to make all the way to base camp. They choose this type of the trek. They will have opportunity to explore life style of Sherpa people, a nice spot Everest View Hotel, Shyangboche 3880m elevation a view point of the Mount Everest and other Himalayas, passes many suspension bridges, stone mane walls, Buddhist monasteries and Stupa and definitely experience the a flight to Tenzing Hillary airport in Lukla.

Everest Base Camp Trek is always the best choice for international trekkers. The trekkers who heard about the Mount Everest and Nepal, this is trek is always on their first priority. Tengboche Monasteries, One of the biggest Monasteries in Khumbu, Kalapather 5550m, highest point of the trek and nearest view point of Mount Everest, Everest Base Camp 5367m, base point of Everest summiteers and view of Khumbu icefall are the additional highlight of this trek. 

Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek is a classic Everest Base Camp Trek. The first time Everest Base Camp Trek and expedition use this route when tourism was started in Everest region.  The route was popular till Tenzing Hillary Lukla airport was not built. If you add extra 7 days of Everest Base Camp Trek starting at Tenzing Hillary Lukla Airport, you can explore this trek. Lower route is so quit. The trail is interesting. It is mostly up and downhill. We climb many passes Deurali Pass, Lamjura 3530mTaksindo 2960m, Paiya Hill which helps us to acclimatize our body to get use to.

Phaplu to Everest Base Camp Trek is another way to view Mount Everest and other Himalayas. You will take a flight from Kathmandu to Phaplu and start the trek. The trek will continue via Taksindo, Nunthala, Kharikhola, Bupsa, Paiya and join at Chheplung to the main trail.

Gokyo Lake Renjo La Pass Trek is another way of trekking route to view Mount Everest and other Himalayas. The starting point of the trek is the same as Everest View Trek and Everest Base Camp Trek. The place name Kyangjuma, you will take a left trail to Gokyo valley. Gokyo valley is popular for Ice Lake and glacier. You will pass many lakes on this trek. A nice spot Gokyo Ri 5330m5th and 6th LakeRenjo la top 5360m are the additional  highlight of this trek.

EBC Trek via Gokyo Lake is the combination of Everest Base Camp Trek and Gokyo Lake Trek with an adventure and one of the popular Chola pass 5368m in Everest region. You will have an opportunity to explore both sides with 3 extra days. If you are planning to trek in Everest, my recommendation is always this option. This trek can be done clock or anti-clock wise with same days. Physically fitness is required.

Everest 3 passes Trek is combination of Thame Valley, Gokyo Valley and Everest Base Camp route with the highest passes Kongma La, Cho La and Renjo La. This trek is categories as one of the adventure treks in Everest region. You will have magical view Mount Everest and other Himalayas view in different angle. This is the way to explore major highlight of Everest Region. Physically fitness is essential.

How much does it to view Mount Everest?

Above are the varieties of the options to view Mount Everest. You may choose according to your physical fitness, available time and budget.

Travel Protocol Nepal

The world is suffering from Covid-19 or Pandemic since long time. It happens in Nepal as well. Travelers are stock at home because of the travel restrictions. Now, the recovery rate is higher than infected rate. People are vaccinated here. Slowly, travelers are making plan to travel safely.

Before ( Travel Protocol Nepal)

  1. Negative PCR report prior to less than 72 hours at the first Boarding.
  2. Proof of full dose vaccinated prior to 14 days.
  3. For Trekking purpose proof of the permit or permit acceptance (Mainly TIMS card for trekkers).
  4. Proof of Hotel Booking in Nepal.
  5. Fill the CCMC form as per the link below and print the barcode page ( it is a must) https://ccmc.gov.np/arms/php .
  6. Travel insurance.
  7. Company recommendation letter.
  8. Online Visa application accordingly in the link below: ( Please complete it before leaving home) https://nepaliport.immigration.gov.np

Now ( Updated Travel Protocol to Nepal) : Slowly, COVID-19 cases are decreasing trend in the world and Nepal. Nepal Travel protocol are more tourist friendly now. You may get on arrival VISA with less criteria.

  1. Travelers entering Nepal from abroad by air or land must summit a certificate of full vaccination against COVID-19. Travelers who fail to summit such certificate will have to summit the certificate with negative report of COVID-19 Test within 72 hours of starting the journey.
  2. For the passengers going to other countries by air route from Nepal, the concerned airlines have to inform their passengers about the health protocol related to COVID-19 of the destination country. The health related documents to be submitted by the passengers departing from Nepal will be as per the health related criteria of the destination country as prescribed by the concerned airlines.
  3. Previously issued departmental notices regarding COVID-19 have been revoked.

Visa on Arrival

After confirmation of your trek, we will work out your visa process. We will provide recommendation letter from the Department of Tourism or Nepal Tourism Board. With this letter, you will get visa on your arrival. There is nothing to worry about it.

Is it best to travel in Nepal?

If you are really interested to do trekking in Nepal, this is exactly right time. You will avoid the crowds, more enjoyable, comfortable in Lodges , safe and of course good weather. Your holiday will definitely help to survive tourism workers. Eventually, you will refresh mentally and physically after the trip.

What are Latest quarantine rules in Nepal?

At the moment, No quarantine is required to stay at Hotel in Kathmandu. You can start your trek a day after  your arrive in Kathmandu.

Is it best price ?

We are offer trekking package at very reasonable price . The price of trekking is same as 2 years before.

Omicron variant 

Yeah, Omicron variant were appear in Nepal. The effect was not strong. Everything become normal here.

Everest Base Camp Trek via Gokyo Lakes and Cho La Pass

Dear Thibault Laurent,

Thanks for sharing your Trekking experience

The Nepal Hidden treks and expeditions agency is a small agency run by Harka, a former porter, who founded the company more than ten years ago. His little brother Hari, and at the same time our guide, knows the region like his pocket. We left with its two trusted carriers, Bikash and Shem. We recommend this small business 100%.

Everest Base Camp Trek via Gokyo Lakes details https://seayoulater.net/organiser-son-trek-dans-la-vallee-de-gokyo/?fbclid=IwAR2Kb_HkgJVI03w1dKfVKuIG8_fKFFoVQpixJcfkuKHp0Y-P-E9C-GEFrAs

Day to day Itinerary with details Itinerary and Photos https://seayoulater.net/trek-du-gokyo-ri-journal-de-bord/

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