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Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan Tour 21 Days, Easy

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Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan Tour

Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan Tour is a complete central Himalayas tour covering the sightseeing of the significant peaks alongside the natural, cultural and historical sites of these nations.

The Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan tour is one of the most sought after trips in Asia for experiencing the Himalayas and its lifestyle. Talking only about the Himalayas would be a sort of understatement as there are so many unique experiences waiting for you here. Separated geographically but you can find a connection between the people and lifestyle of these places. Warm hospitality and alluring scenery are two things that will be with you on this beautiful trip of a lifetime in the Himalayas.

Nepal is a nation of thousand undiscovered thrills lying in the center of Asia. With a unique culture, diverse nature, and rich history, Nepal is a peaceful destination in central Asia. Being an ideal destination for the adventure lovers, Nepal has a whole lot of new memories to offer to you. You will find a strong feeling of positive energy and smiley faces one you enter this nation. The cool breeze rinses the soul as you unlock a new chapter of your travel diaries. Your journey will start from the capital, Kathmandu. A place abundant of culture and history of Nepal will offer you the Newa architecture tour from the very first day. Close houses and stone patched streets ending in a small square of their own; the city shows the shades of medieval Nepal. Visiting the heritage sites and natural monument, we will make our way to Pokhara. Pokhara is a perfect getaway destination for nature and adventure lovers. Watching some of the magnificent views of the Himalayas, you will head towards the lush jungles of Chitwan. Seeking rare animals in the plains beyond the Everest, Chitwan provides you the ultimate wildlife adventure. Experiencing these all, you will continue to your next destination of Tibet.

The roof of the world is your next destination, and Tibet is the next chapter of this tour. Tibet lies in higher altitude and is an important pilgrimage for the followers of Tibetan Buddhism all over the world. Live your days here experiencing the devotional life of the monks and enjoying the fantastic scenery that surrounds you. Different from the western technologies, the people here have their own art of survival in Tibet. As a land with thousand wonders, you will visit amazing monasteries and Dzongs with a long history behind in this tour. You will visit the former home of the Dalai Lamas and one of the most iconic monuments of the world-‘ The Potala Palace.’ Walking through some of the major places, you will know Tibet better- the history, religion, landscape, and lifestyle of the people of this beautiful nation.

Bhutan is the place that most people love to be for an authentic experience of Buddhism and nature under the same roof. One of the most peaceful and friendly places on earth, Bhutan is blessed with great sceneries and wonderful citizens. Walking through the trails passing the green hills and strolling around some of the areas will help you to learn nature better. Be it on the top of the Taktsang or in the marsh of the Gangtey, looking up to the views doesn’t get better than in Bhutan. Short hikes and tours will take you to the hidden viewpoints to see the majestic scenery and bliss of nature in Bhutan. Walking through the street and trying the local dress and cuisine is a magical feeling. The journey in Bhutan will take you back to the ancient times with the delights from nature rather than the virtual world.

Complete the golden triangle trip of the Himalayas with the help of Himalayatrip.com assistance to make the most of it. The trek can be done anytime excluding the harsh winter months of the year. The best time to make the tour is from the month of November to mid-May for best results. Be inspired by the locals and return home full of fantastic memories from this trip.

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