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Phaplu Everest Base Camp Trek

15 Days, Adventure
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5550m, Kalapather

1 Day Drive

13 Days Trek

1 Day fly back to Kathmandu

Best Season

March , April, May, September, October, November


15 Breakfast

15 Lunch

14 Dinner


14 Nights at Lodge


Kathmandu - Phaplu Public Jeep

Lukla - Kathmandu flight


USD 1250 1200

Per Person

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We Offer Group discount

No of PAX Price / PP
More than 10 1099
5-9 1150
2-4 1200

Phaplu EBC Trek Overview

Phaplu Everest Base Camp Trek Drive In-Fly Out is a popular alternative to the classic Everest Base Camp Trek originating from the old town of Salleri and Phaplu or avoid to fly Lukla or flight cancellation or drive at mid night to Ramechhap. This journey, while lengthy lets you immerse in the traditional Sherpa villages of lower stretches of Solukhumbu district while savoring the adventure that Everest region has to offer.

Phaplu Everest Base Camp Trek Details

Venturing on the Phaplu Everest Base Camp Trek offers adventurers an unparalleled experience, diverging from the well-trodden path to the iconic base camp and traversing the breathtaking Nepalese Himalayas. The journey begins with a picturesque drive from Kathmandu to Phaplu, bypassing the usual flight to Lukla and allowing trekkers to immerse themselves in the diverse landscapes of Okhaldhunga and lower sections of Solukhumbu district while following the meandering course of the Sunkoshi River.

This 15-day trek from Phaplu  to Everest Base Camp goes beyond just physical challenge, providing a deep spiritual connection with the pristine environment, rich Sherpa culture, and stunning Himalayan views. As trekkers ascend through charming villages like Ringmo, Kharikhola, and Piaya, they are warmly greeted and gain invaluable insights into the traditional ways of local communities. Eventually merging with the classic trail beyond Phakding, the route winds its way towards renowned landmarks such as Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, and Gorakshep, ultimately culminating in the arrival at base camp and the unforgettable viewpoint of Kala Patthar.

Phaplu Everest Base Camp Route

Your journey to Everest Base Camp begins with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Phaplu or Sallari, covering 266.9 kilometers along the BP Koirala highway and the Khurkot and Khurkot Ghurmi Madhya Pahadi highway. The road, now blacktopped, makes for a smoother journey compared to before. You'll enjoy the picturesque views of villages, hills, riverbanks, and mountains along the way. Passing through Pattale village, situated at 2840 meters, you'll find it to be a beautiful spot that has gained popularity among both domestic and international tourists. It's renowned for offering stunning views of Mt. Everest, Makalu, Gaurishankar, and more, with minimal effort.

As you trek through Rai and Sherpa villages like Ringmu, Taksindu, Nunthala, Kharikhola, Bupsa, Paiya (Chutokj), Surke, and Chaurikharka (2,694m), you'll eventually join the main trail to Mt. Everest at Chheplung. Solukhumbu district, with Salleri as its headquarters, lies below Lukla (known as Solu) and above Lukla (known as Khumbu). Here, you'll encounter a bustling crowd of trekkers who have flown to Lukla from Kathmandu. Crossing suspension bridges, you may experience occasional traffic jams caused by yaks, dzomo (yak-cow hybrids), porters, and fellow trekkers.

As you enter Sagarmatha National Park at Manjo, you'll notice the vegetation transitioning from temperate to alpine. Beyond Namche Bazaar, you'll follow the main trail to Mt. Everest Base Camp, passing through Sherpa villages like Pangboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, and Gorak Shep. Finally, you'll reach Everest Base Camp at 5,360 meters and the renowned viewpoint of Kalapathar at 5,555 meters. Despite the cold, the sunset view from Kalapathar is breathtaking, especially with Mt. Everest is so close. Observing the Khumbu icefall and Khumbu glacier adds to the allure of this remarkable trek.

There are multiple ways you can reach the starting point of this trek, Phaplu. There are non-regular flight service to Phaplu airport from Kathmandu which flies 2-3 times every week. These flights are not scheduled and may or may not be available during your travel dates. If the number of passenger exceeds 15, then we can charter the flight for you regardless of date or time. Owing to the unreliability of flight schedule in the area, it is highly advised that you choose to drive to Phaplu from Kathmandu.

Additionally, there is a road being built from Phaplu towards Lukla but is  built until Surke or Tham Dada. You can choose to drive till Surke or Tham Dada on a  4 wheel jeep but the road condition is not so comforting. You will have to hire a jeep from Phaplu and drive 5-6 hours on a rocky, mountainous road from Phaplu to Surke. This drive will shorten your trekking days as you reach Phakding earlier than if you would walk the same path.

Difficulty of Phaplu Everest Base Camp Trek

You may be curious about the level of difficulty associated with the Phaplu Everest Base Camp Trek. This trek is widely considered to be challenging. Prior experience with high-altitude Himalaya Trip is strongly recommended before undertaking this adventure. The combination of elevated terrain, remote locations, the length of the trek, and its isolated nature all contribute to its formidable nature.

The difficulty of the trek also varies based on factors such as age, prior trekking experience, physical fitness, and mental resilience of the individual. Those who are not physically or mentally prepared may struggle to complete the journey successfully. Even beginners to Himalayan trekking can find the trek to be quite daunting.

To prepare adequately, it is advisable to start a fitness regimen at least a month before the trek to ensure that you are in good shape to tackle the challenges ahead. Despite its difficulty, it's worth noting that individuals over the age of 60 have successfully completed the Phaplu Everest Base Camp Trek, highlighting the importance of preparation and determination.

Weather and Temperature

Nepal's diverse geography spans from as low as 59 meters to as high as 8848 meters above sea level, resulting in a variety of climatic patterns across different elevation zones. There are six main climatic zones in Nepal: tropical, subtropical, temperate, subalpine, alpine, and tundra/nival/trans-Himalayan.

During the Phaplu Everest Base Camp Trek , much of your journey will take you through subalpine, alpine, and tundra/nival/trans-Himalayan climates. These regions experience harsh weather conditions, particularly during the summer months (May to July) and winter months (December to February). Summers bring heavy monsoon rains that can disrupt travel and flights to the Everest region, while winters are characterized by heavy rainfall and persistent cloud cover.

The most favorable times for this trek are autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May), when the weather is relatively stable. Below is a table detailing the temperature range at various stopovers along the Everest Base Camp trek.

Stopover Spring Temperature Autumn Temperature Distance(Kms)
Phaplu 7°C to 20°C 8°C to 18°C 270
Nunthala 5°C to 19°C 7°C to 20°C 19
Bupsa 6°C to 19°C 9°C to 19°C 11
Chheplung 5°C to 15°C 7°C to 17°C 17
Namche 5°C to 20°C 0°C to 15°C 16
Namche 0°C to 15°C -5°C to 10°C 6
Tengboche -5°C to 10°C -10°C to 5°C 9
Dingboche -10°C to 5°C -15°C to 0°C 10
Lobuche -15°C to 0°C -20°C to -5°C 8
Gorak Shep -10°C to 5°C -15°C to 0°C 11
Kalapathar -15°C to 0°C -20°C to -5°C -
Pheriche -10°C to 5°C -15°C to 0°C 16
Namche 0°C to 15°C -5°C to 10°C 19
Lukla 5°C to 15°C 0°C to 10°C -
Total Distance 421

The information provided is approximate, and temperatures during the Everest trek can vary significantly. It's advisable to equip yourself with suitable warm clothing and trekking gear to ensure your comfort. Additionally, the roundtrip distance of the Phaplu Everest Base Camp trek measures approximately 412 kilometers and typically takes around 15 days to complete, inclusive of the 270-kilometer drive from Kathmandu to Phaplu. The specific duration of the trek depends on the chosen itinerary. At Himalaya Trip, our standard 15-day itinerary for the Phaplu Everest Base Camp trek includes acclimatization days, the drive to Phaplu from Kathmandu, and fly-out days in Lukla. However, you have the flexibility to customize your itinerary according to your preferences, and we'll tailor it accordingly.

Best Time

Nepal undergoes four distinct seasons: Autumn (September-November), Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), and Winter (December-February). The climate remains generally mild, with sporadic rain showers occurring across the region.

Autumn and Spring are widely regarded as the prime seasons for trekking Everest Base Camp. During these periods, spanning from September to November and March to May respectively, the weather tends to be clear, providing unobstructed views of the Himalayan mountains. In Autumn, temperatures in the higher Himalayas typically range from approximately 19.5°C to -14°C, whereas in Spring, they vary from around 24°C to -13°C. These comparatively moderate temperature fluctuations render Autumn and Spring the optimal times for Phaplu to Everest Base Camp trek.


Permits are crucial for trekking in Nepal, and various types are required to be obtained. These permits are typically mandated by the government, local authorities, or independent organizations. Everest Base Camp lies within the boundaries of the Sagarmatha National Park in the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality. To trek to Everest Base Camp from Phaplu, you will need to acquire three different permits:

TIMS (Trekkers' Information Management System) Card:

This vital document acts as your gateway to the enchanting world of trekking in Nepal. Apart from ensuring your safety, it plays a pivotal role in enabling authorities to monitor the well-being of trekkers. The TIMS card can be obtained at designated locations in Kathmandu and Pokhara, facilitated by authorized entities such as certified trekking agencies.

Sagarmatha National Park Permit:

Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, covers most of the upper section of the Solukhumbu district. Due to the rich biodiversity found in the district, this national park contributes significantly to ecosystem conservation. The entry point to Sagarmatha National Park is at Monjo (Day 2), where you will need to pay approximately Rs. 3000 (Approx $30) for the permit. You can obtain this permit while in Kathmandu.

Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Permit:

The northern portion of the Solukhumbu district has been designated as a rural municipality, governed by this local body. A one-time entry fee is imposed by the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality, costing approximately Rs. 2000 (Approx $20) per person. This permit can be obtained in Lukla.

The national park permit can be acquired at Lukla, Monjo, and Namche, while for the Khumbu permit, a visit to the Khumbu municipality located at Lukla is necessary. Dealing with all the permits and paperwork can be daunting in an unfamiliar location. This is where Himalaya Trip comes in—we are dedicated to assisting you in planning the entire trek, including obtaining all the necessary permits and handling paperwork on your behalf.

Accommodation and Meals

The Everest Base Camp trek route from Phaplu is lined with charming teahouses, as local residents have converted their homes into lodges. Along your journey, you'll encounter numerous mountain lodges, providing essential rest stops. Typically built with wooden structures, these houses offer rooms accommodating 2 people, equipped with standard amenities such as quilts, mattresses, and pillows. Teahouses along the Everest trekking route provide access to electricity for charging electronic devices. While WiFi availability may vary, hot showers often come at an additional cost of $1-$2. With the Everest Base Camp trekking package from Himalaya Trip, you can expect comprehensive accommodation throughout your trekking days, ensuring access to the best available services in the region.

During your Everest Base Camp trek, meals will be provided at the teahouses. Lunch breaks will be taken in villages along the route, while dinners and breakfasts will be served at the respective tea houses where you stay. Teahouses offer a variety of food options, primarily featuring basic Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine, with continental dishes also available. We highly recommend trying the traditional "Dal Bhat," a Nepalese set meal consisting of rice, lentil soup, curries, and pickle, favored by many trekkers for its nutritional value and satisfying taste. If you have specific dietary requirements or preferences, please inform us, as teahouses also offer pasta, noodles, pies, and other delicious options. Feel free to inquire with us for more information about meals during the Everest Base Camp trek via Phaplu.

Phaplu EBC Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu Phaplu (2413m, 270 km or 9 hours ) drive by public jeep.

Day 02: Trek from Phaplu – Nunthala (2345m, 19 km or 6-7 hours walk).

Day 03: Trek Nunthala – Bupsa (2360m, 11 km or 6-7 hours walk)

Day 04: Trek Bupsa – Chheplung (2660m, 17 km 6-7 hours walk)

Day 05: Trek Chheplung – Namche (3440m, 16km, 6-7 hours walk)

Day 06: Rest day 6 km

Day 07: Trek Namche – Tengboche (3860m, 9 km or 5-6 hours walk)

Day 08: Trek Tengboche – Dingboche (4410m, 10 km or 4-5 hours walk)

Day 09: Rest day 6 km

Day 10: Trek Dingboche – Lobuche (4910m, 8 km or 5-6 hours walk)

Day 11: Trek Lobuche – Gorak Shep (5140m )– EBC (5364m) 11 km or 7-8 hours walk.

Day 12: Climb Kalapther (5550m) trek down Pheriche (4240m, 16 km or 7-8 hours walk)

Day 13: Trek Dingboche – Namche (3440m, 19 km or 6-7 hours walk)

Day 14: Namche – Lukla (2840m, 19 km or 6-7 hours walk)

Day 15: Fly back to Kathmandu

Travel Map
Phaplu Everest Base Camp Trek Map
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Phaplu Everest Base Camp Trek Detailed Itinerary

Whats Included?

  • Pick-up and drop-off service at Trivuwan International Airport in Kathmandu by private Car/Van/Bus depending on group size.
  • Sagarmatha National park fee and Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality entrance fee.
  • Kathmandu - Phalpu by public Jeep.
  • Lukla - Kathmandu flight ticket with Airport departure tax.
  • All the meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) with Lodge accommodation during the trek.
  • 2 Hot Shower (One in Namche and One in Lukla ).
  • One English speaking government certificate holder trekking guide and trekkers 2:1 porter.
  • Guide and porters: foods, accommodation, insurance, salary, flight ticket, and equipment etc.
  • First Aids Kid.
  • Seasonal fresh fruit such as Apple and Pomegranates etc.
  • Duffel Bag.
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (we use every day to check your oxygen level and pulse in your body to avoid high risk ).
  • Himalaya Trip T-shirt.
  • 13% government VAT and official charge.

Whats not Included?

  • International airfare and visa fee (15 Days US$30 and 30 Days US$50).
  • Hotel and meals in Kathmandu.
  • All the drinks like tea, coffee, Coke, Fanta, mineral water, boiled water, hot shower, battery charge etc.
  • Your trekking gears.
  • Your travel insurance which should include the emergency rescue.
  • Tips for guide and porters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everest Base Camp Trek cost will depending you which route, standard package or luxury, group size matter the cost of this trek. The standard Package for Phaplu Everest Base Camp Trek cost is USD 1099 to USD1199 per person.

Important Note

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We organise small group private trip. If you are 2 or more people in your group, you may book any dates.

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The travel insurance is need in case of any emergency. It is recommend to have.  If you are doing short  and low elevation trek, you can do normal insurance. But if you are doing high altitude or adventure trek, you should have emergency rescue.

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Normally, trekkers plan the trip before 3-9 months.  Some trekkers decide the trip in last minutes. It is also possible to book your trek at last minutes. For the Last minutes booking, you need to make a full payment.


Tipping is highly expected. Our staffs try their best during the trip. After the trip, Tipping is expected. It is not fixed amount or percentage. We recommend the tipping according to their services.


When you are travelling, the safety is most important. For the safety of our clients, we trained our guide and porters. They are all register trekking / Tour  / Climbing guide and experience porters.

Extra personal expenses

For the extra expenses, it is good to bring USD / Euro / Pound Sterling or ther currency. You may change to Nepali Rupees (NPR) at Tribhuwan International Airport or near your Hotel in Kathmandu. You will use only Nepali rupees during the trip.

Nepal visa

Accept few countries , you will get on arrival Nepal’s Visa at the Tribhuwan International Airport or Nepal board. I recommend to fill up Nepal Visa online form and bring it with you. It will be faster and easy for you and visa fee is recommended to bring cash US dollar. You can’t pay by using credit card.

Trip extension or Itinerary Disclaimer

We organize small group private trip. The trip extension is possible but you have to figure out when you booking the trip.

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Most of the time, we have small group private trip. Group joining or fixed departure will be available only at the clients request. 

Luggage store

You are not taking all the lugguage on the trek. You will take only necessary gears on the trek and rest of the gears, you will store at your Hotel in Kathmandu or Pokhara or in our office in Kathmandu. All the Hotels have free luggage store services. It is more convenient to store at your Hotel.

Responsible travel

  • Ask permission to photograph people.
  • Do not remove or purchase antiques, it is illegal.
  • Avoid wearing revealing clothes and avoid outward displays of physical affection.
  • Do not anything to disturb environment or wild animals.

Domestic flight

Normally, domestic flight is not on time. If you have international flight with domestic connection flight. It is always better to keep some gaps.

Trek Booking

For the Booking, we need passport copy, passport size photo by email or What's App  and 20% deposit.

Why Himalaya Trip ?

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