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Himalaya Trip Foundation is subsidiary organization of Himalaya Trip Private Limited . Himalaya Trip is a register local trekking company in Nepal.  We are specializing in trekking holidays in Nepal. The company is run by experience trekking guide who has done many years, first as a porter and subsequently as a trekking. Working in Nepalese Himalayas, we found problem of trained and knowledgeable staffs. To train the staffs and help the society, Himalaya Trip is established. Himalaya Trip Foundation will be welfare for the staffs and their family security, and to help natural disaster as such earthquake, floods, landslides etc.

Staffs Training For The Most Export

Our aim is to provide our customer export guide for your Nepal holiday. We organize different training such as first aid, bird watching, photography and other special training etc to increase staffs knowledge.

Income Generation Training For The Women

Normally, women are depending on men income in Nepal. A family is totally depending with a single man. In case, if he lost his life untimely on the journey of his work. It will be very difficult to survive their family. We organize some training to generate income for the women. It will be also helpful their family for additional income.

Arrange The Scholarship Staffs’ Family, If Disable

The education is one of the most important in human life.  The educated can be a good leader of the country, businessman, social workers etc. We are arranging scholarship to our staffs kids for the better school.

Helping Natural Disaster

We are arranging relief fund for the natural disaster such as earthquake, floods, landslides etc. In 25th April 2015, Nepal was suffered from 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It was very difficult time in Nepal. Many people lost their life, houses and injure.  We collect some fund help some victims of earthquake. We had also collected some fund for rebuilding. We are helping Shree Kanya Devi Primary School Sertung-4, (Chalish village) in Dhading. At first, we setup water filter system in the school. After that, you contribute warm cloths such as jackets, scarf and warm hat for children. We rebuild 2 class rooms in the school.

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