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mardi himal base camp 4500m

4 Jan 2024 Himalaya Trip

Mardi Himal Overview 

Mardi Himal at an elevation of 5,587 m lies amidst the Annapurna massifs and beside Mt. Machhapuchhre attracts several tourists. This newly opened popular trek is the best fusion of cultural diversity, rich biodiversity, splendid mountain panoramas, and charming terrains with scenic landscapes. Adore the towering snow-capped peaks and walk past numerous attractive ethnic villages. Get amused by the local hospitality and get served with local foods. Make the best of the moment by immersing yourself in their culture, tradition, and lifestyle.

The blooming rhododendron flowers during the spring season add beauty to the trekking trails. Relish the jungle treks witnessing diverse flora and encountering some wild animals and species of birds. Enjoy the best accommodation facilities during this trek. Admire the incredible views of snowy mountains such as Mardi, Machhapuchhre, Annapurna I, Annapurna South, Dhaulagiri, and other Himalayas. Overall, Mardi Himal trek is a moderate-level trek possible to do all year round which is also the best alternative for Poon Hill Trek or Annapurna Base Camp trek.

 Highlights of Mardi Himal Trek

  • Possible to trek all around the year
  • Newly opened route gaining popularity
  • Best alternative less-crowded trek route for trekkers
  • Availability of accommodation and facilities
  • Scenic landscape views from Badal Danda
  • Mostly jungle walks treks with Himalayas in the backdrop
  • Witness diverse flora and encounter some wild animals
  • Blooming Rhododendron flowers from February to April
  • Incredible views of Mardi, Machhapuchhre, Annapurna South, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I, and other Himalayas 
mardi trek
mardi trek

Top 5 Reasons for Mardi Himal Trek

Newly open trekking trail

Mardi Himal trek is a newly opened trekking trail that is slowly gaining popularity among trekkers. It lies in the Annapurna region which is less crowded but offers peaceful trails with picturesque vistas. Mardi Himal trek is a new favorite among trekkers with the availability of teahouses or lodges with basic but comfortable facilities. 

Short trek days

Mardi Himal trek takes generally shorter days to complete the trek. It can be completed in 4 to 6 days depending on the trek route and trekker’s speed. Mardi Himal trek is the perfect choice for trekkers looking for a shorter day’s trek that offers incredible scenery.

Available throughout the year 

Mardi Himal trek is a moderate-level trek available throughout the year. All-year availability, accommodation facilities, shorter trek days, comfortable trekking trails, and beautiful scenery make this Mardi Himal trek one of the best options for trekkers.

Alternative trek 

Mardi Himal trek is the best alternative trek for Poon Hill and ABC Trek for trekkers looking for something authentic in the Annapurna region. This trek is comparatively less crowded, takes shorter days to complete, and offers scenic views and the beauty of the region in its natural form.

Beautiful Himalayan views 

Trekkers pass through beautiful places such as Australian Camp, Deurali, Forest Camp, Low Camp, Badal Danda, High Camp, Upper Viewpoint, and Mardi Himal Base Camp during this trek. Traverse through the beautiful Jungle trails and witness scenic landscapes and diverse fauna. From the Upper Viewpoint, admire the surrounding beauty and snowy mountains. Adore the beautiful Machhapuchhre, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and other Himalayan views from the base camp.

Mardi Himal Trek Video

Best time to trek Mardi Himal

Mardi Himal trek can be done throughout the year as it is a moderate-level trek. Autumn (Sep-Nov) and Spring (Mar-May) are considered the best seasons due to stable weather and temperature offering bright days, clear views, and availability of accommodation and facilities. Summer in Nepal brings Monsoons (Jul-Aug) where trekkers can experience rainfall, and lush greenery but not so clear views. Winter months (Dec-Feb) are colder and expect snowfall but views are clear and trails are less crowded. The monthly weather chart with attractions during the Mardi Himal trek is tabulated below:

JanuaryColdPossible for Snow, Less crowded, good view
FebruaryColdBlooming Rhododendrons flowers, Light Snow 
MarchWarmBlooming Rhododendrons flowers, clear views 
AprilWarmPeak season, Nice weather, and views
MaySunnyBright day, good views
JuneWarm, Slight RainPossible for some rain, lush greenery
JulyWarm, RainyLush greenery and scenery
AugustMostly cloudy and rainyLush greenery but No clear views
SeptemberWarm, Light RainCrowded, blue skies, clear views
OctoberWarmPerfect views, clear visibility, highly crowded
NovemberWarmPerfect views, clear visibility
DecemberColdCold but clear views
Monthly chart of Mardi Himal Trek

4 days Mardi Himal Trek Itinerary / distance

The Mardi Himal Base Camp trek itinerary for 4 days starts from Pokhara drive to Kande. The starting trek route is Kande and follows the routes of Deurali, Low Camp, High Camp, Mardi Himal Base Camp, Badal, Danda, and Siding. After completing the trek, drive back to Pokhara. The trek route, trek distance, and walk (in hours) are tabulated below:

DaysTrek RouteDistanceWalk
1Pokhara Drive, trek from Kande- Forest Camp (2,600m)14 km6-7 hours
2Trek from Forest Camp-High Camp (3,600m)7.5 km6-7 hours
3Mardi Himal Base camp-Badal Danda (3,300m)14 km6-7 hours
4Badal Danda-Siding, drive back to Pokhara5.6 km4-5 hours
Itinerary and distance in km or hours.

Trek Options Available for Mardi Himal Trek

4-day Mardi Himal trek: USD 310 per person

Pokhara -Kande-Forest Camp-High Camp-Mardi Himal Base Camp-Badal Danda-Siding-drive back to Pokhara

5-day Mardi Himal Trek from Pokhara: USD 359 per person

Pokhara -Kande-Deurali-Forest Camp-Low Camp-High Camp-Mardi Himal Base Camp-Badal Danda-Siding-drive back to Pokhara

Note: 5-day Mardi Himal Trek from Kathmandu is possible if you take a two-way flight: Kathmandu – Pokhara – Kathmandu

6-day Mardi Himal trek: USD 399 per person

Pokhara-Kande-Deurali-Low Camp-High Camp-Mardi Himal Base Camp-Badal Danda- Siding-Ghalel-Lwang-drive back to Pokhara

Mardi Himal Trek FAQs

Where does the Mardi Himal trek start?

The Mardi Himal trek starts from Kande.

How difficult is the Mardi Himal trek?

The Mardi Himal trek is a moderate-level trek.

How many days Mardi Himal trek take?

The Mardi Himal trek takes 4-6 days to complete depending on the trek route, itinerary, and the trekker’s pace. 

How much does Mardi Himal Trek cost?

The Mardi Himal trek cost varies depending on the trek duration, and the trek route chosen. For a 4-day Mardi Himal trek, it costs USD 310 per person.

Where does the Mardi Himal Trek route start?

Normally, the Mardi Himal trek route starts from Kande.

What is the Mardi Himal Trek distance? 

Mardi Himal trek distance covers typically around 40-42 km for a 4-day trek. As the trek duration increases, it adds up to a few kilometers. 

What is the Mardi Himal Trek itinerary?

The standard Mardi Himal trek itinerary begins with a drive from Pokhara to Kande following the day’s itinerary schedule and ends at Siding or Lwang with a return drive to Pokhara.

Is the Mardi Himal Trek Map necessary?

The Mardi Himal trek map is beneficial during the trek for trekker’s easiness.

Is Mardi Himal Trek in 5 days possible?

Yes, the Mardi Himal trek in 5 days is possible.

Is there a Mardi Himal trek route from Pokhara?

The beginning of the Mardi Himal trek route is Kande and to get there take a vehicle ride from Pokhara.

How are Lodges during the Mardi Himal trek?

Mardi Himal Trek accommodations are locally operated teahouses or lodges that are basic offering twin beds and simple facilities such as mattresses, quilts, and pillows Attached bathrooms are limited. 

How are foods during the Mardi Himal trek?

Lodges serve varied cuisines from Nepali ‘Daal Bhaat’ to international dishes alongside noodles, mashed potatoes, and pies during the Mardi Himal trek.

What to pack for the Mardi Himal trek?

Pack light but warm seasonal clothes including layers, a cap, gloves, socks, and strong but comfortable boots. Also, include sunglasses, purification kits, a water bottle, prescribed medicines, personal items, first-aid kit, and toiletries.

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