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4 Feb 2024 Himalaya Trip

This article help you to figure out Manaslu Trek cost. Manaslu is a remote region that is home to Tibetan ethnicity practicing ancient Tibetan culture and region. Manaslu trek is an off-beat trek that takes travelers on an amazing mountainous journey and rough trails. Manaslu trek is less crowded as it is less explored. The facilities in this region are limited but the unspoiled natural beauty, beautiful landscapes, and snow-covered mountains mesmerize the trekkers. Witness the stunning views of towering peaks including Manaslu (8,163m), Larkya Peak, Annapurna II, Ganesh Himal, and more while traversing the highest Larkya La Pass (5,106m).

Manaslu Trek is undoubtedly a worthy trek if trekking is done with proper planning. Trek cost is an essential factor that determines the overall experience of the trekking journey. Consider factors such as trek duration, trek route, group sizes, trek seasons, trek services, tour operator, personal expenses, accommodation, meals, and transportation types while planning for the Manaslu Trek Cost 2024/25. Wise planning of the Manaslu trek offers a comfortable, fun-filled, and memorable trekking experience to the trekkers.

Manaslu Trek Cost Factors and Breakdown Chart

FactorsCost Breakdown
All-inclusiveAll-inclusive Manaslu trek (with accommodation in Kathmandu) is slightly more expensive than the exclusive accommodation in Kathmandu.
Trek DurationThe standard 12-day duration trek is reasonable but can be extended which increases the cost.
Trek PackagesThe Standard package is affordable compared to the Luxury package.
TransportationA public Bus is reasonable compared to a Private Jeep.
AccommodationTrek without a hotel stay in Kathmandu is cheaper than with a hotel stay in Kathmandu. (Both are available.)The teahouses stay is reasonable during the trek.
Manaslu Trek PermitsCompulsory to buy and the price rate is fixed.
Foods/MealsGo for healthy hygienic local vegetable Nepali foods or minimize less in continental foods.
Drinking WaterCarry a water bottle and use water solution kits (iodine tablets) rather than purchase mineral water.
Trek SeasonsPeak-season treks are slightly expensive but offer fantastic views and the weather is also stable.
Tips for Guide and PortersThe standard tipping rate is 10 to 15% of your tour cost. However, tipping is a personal choice, so tip them depending on how satisfied you are with their services during the trek.
Tour OperatorBetter to choose a local operator over an international operator.
Additional expensesRoute, guides and porter services, group sizes, other services, personal, and additional expenses factor determines the increase in cost.
Travel InsuranceBuy from a trusted company, the cost depends on the policy and the coverage it provides.
Trekking EquipmentPurchase or rent option is available.
Manaslu Trek breakdown cost

All-inclusive Manaslu Trek

Our all-inclusive Manaslu trek package includes 13% Government VAT and official charges, all trek permits, transportation, and accommodation with necessary arrangements. It also includes accommodation in Kathmandu at an additional cost. Hence, it is slightly expensive. Trekkers can book standard Manaslu 12-day treks without a hotel stay in Kathmandu if they are looking for a reasonable Manaslu trek.

Note: All-inclusive Manaslu treks are flexible and have options for selecting means of transportation and accommodation of their preferences.)

Manaslu Trek Trek Duration

The standard Manaslu trek duration is 12-day which includes accommodation only during the trek and no hotel stay in Kathmandu. Trekkers can extend their trek from 12 to 15 days or more and do side trips to famous Tsum Valley.

Manaslu Trek Packages

We have standard and luxury trek packages for trekkers that they can select as their preferences and budget. The Standard package is affordable compared to the Luxury package. Standard Packageincludes only 3 meals and accommodation, guide, porter, all the trekking permit, public transport. However, Luxury package includes, private transport, all the Hot and soft drinks, Hot Shower, Hot water, Wi-Fi, Battery Charge, etc.

Mode of Transportation for Manaslu Trek

Public Bus or Private Jeep are modes of transportation for the Manaslu trek as there is no airways facility. Public Bus is more affordable than private jeep but if travelers seek a comfortable ride, they can opt for private jeep ride.

Public vehicle (Kathmandu to Machha Khola): USD 10 per person Private Jeep (Kathmandu to Machha Khola): USD 250 Private Jeep (Tilije – Kathmandu): USD 400
Transportation for Manaslu Trek

Accommodation during the Manaslu Trek

Trek without a hotel stay in Kathmandu is cheaper than with a hotel stay in Kathmandu. Both option are available for trekkers. During the trek, basic teahouses are a means of accommodation. It provides beds, pillows, and blankets while bathrooms are mostly outside the teahouse. For the use of hot water, laundry, shower, and the internet, additional charges apply. Since Manaslu is a remote region, luxury lodges are not there and normally 2 people room-sharing basis.

  Standard hotels in Kathmandu cost: USD 50 per nightLuxury hotels in Kathmandu cost: USD 200- USD 500 per night. Budget-friendly teahouses cost: USD 5 -10 per night.  (during the trek)
Accommodation cost for Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Trek Permits

3 permits are compulsory for the Manaslu Circuit trek. Ensure you have these permits before embarking on your Manaslu Circuit trek to comply with local regulations. The permits are:

  Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (MRAP):   December to August Cost: First week: USD 75 per person
After 8 days: USD 10 per day   September to November Cost: First week: USD 100 per person After 8 days: USD 15 per day   Note: An original passport is required, and it takes a day to process.   Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) Permit:   Cost: USD 30 per person *Allows one-time access to MCAP   Note: Requires two photographs and is accessible in Kathmandu through the trekking agent.   c. Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) Permit:   Cost: USD 30 per person   Note: To obtain it, requires a photograph.
Manaslu Tre permit

Foods/Meals cost during Manaslu Trek

Trekkers can eat at their preferred places (budget-friendly or luxury restaurants) as food options are varied in Kathmandu. During the trek, teahouses have a menu for Nepali foods, and very limited continental foods prepared in their style. Since most of the locals follow Buddhism, meats are prohibited in many places. So, there is a high chance of getting vegetable meal options only during the trek. It is good to avoid meat regarding health concerns during the trek.


Food in Kathmandu costs: USD 15- USD 25 (per day)- a normal meal at a budget-friendly place   Food in Kathmandu costs: USD 25- USD 40 (per day)- a normal meal at a luxury place   Food in teahouses costs: USD 25- USD 35 (per day)- a normal meal (during the trek)   Note: Prices can go higher as the altitude rises during the trek. Also, an additional charge applies for extra meals or drinks.
Approximate meals cost for Manaslu Trek

Drinking Water for Manaslu Trek

Drinking water is easily available to your preferences. Travelers can purchase mineral water bottles in Kathmandu as well as during the trek. As the elevation rises, the cost per bottle also gets higher. To minimize plastic waste, it is advisable to buy boiled water at teahouses or carry a durable water bottle. Along with it, bring a water filter, iodine tablet, or purification kit for safe water drinking. This can be an alternative way to minimize the cost.

Drinking Water

Mineral water in Kathmandu costs: USD 1 (for 2 bottles)   Mineral water costs: USD 1-USD 4 (per bottle)- (during the trek)   Boil water costs: USD 1-USD 3 (during the trek)  
Drinking water

Manaslu Trek Seasons

Spring (Mar-May) and Autumn (Sep-Nov) are favorable for enjoying the beauty of the Manaslu region as it amazes trekkers with phenomenal views and the weather is also mostly stable. But, the trek cost during the peak season is slightly higher and room-sharing is mostly common. Off-season treks are reasonable as compared to peak-season treks and there is a high chance of discount trek packages. But, off-season treks (Winter and Rainy seasons) are not recommended for the Manaslu trek as it is an off-beat trek in a remote region. With proper planning and preparation, experienced trekkers can go for this trek during off-seasons if they wish to.

Manaslu Trek Tips for Guides and Porters

Manaslu Trek requires a compulsory professional licensed guide to do the trek as it lies in a restricted region. Guides are there to navigate you and take care of all your necessities during the trek. Overall, to make your trek more memorable guide plays a vital role. Likewise, hiring a porter is not compulsory but we recommend hiring as carrying heavy luggage on rough trails is challenging. Hiring a porter is a wise decision. Tipping is a personal choice but the standard tipping rate is 10 to 15% of the overall trek cost.  Travelers can tip depending on their satisfaction level with their services or on their budget.

Manaslu Trek Tour Operator

Nepal’s regions are home to local tour operators; hence they are familiar with the geography and culture in detail. International tour operators hire local operators to give the services to the trekkers but the cost charged by them is higher. It may not cover some essential services such as meal packages. However, local tour operators provide all services at a lower cost compared to them which is a good deal for the travelers.

Additional Expenses for Manaslu Trek

Additional expenses during any trek are common but if it is wisely managed, the overall trek cost easily comes on budget. The trek duration, trek route, preferred services (mode of transportation, luxury accommodation, and porter), group sizes, personal expenses, and additional expenses during the trek are cost-determining factors during the trek.

Additional Costs

Trek DurationStandard duration=12 days, Extra days add additional costs
Trek RouteExtended side treks are possible but add additional expenses
ServicesThe luxury package is expensive compared to the budget-friendly standard package.
Additional expensesPersonal expenses, Hotel stay in Kathmandu, During the trek (hot shower, use of the internet, extended trek days, extra drinks and meals)
Group sizesLarge group sizes: Trek cost per person is reasonable.
Additional cost for Manaslu Trek

Travel Insurance for Manaslu Trek

Travel insurance is very essential during trekking in the mountains in Nepal. Make sure to choose a reliable company that covers medical emergencies, emergency evacuation, and high elevations above 5,000m. Travel insurance including the mentioned coverage between USD 100-USD 200.

Trekking Equipment for Manaslu Trek

Right trekking equipment is very essential since Manaslu Trek is an off-beat trek. Trekking on the rough trails, walking long hours daily, and experiencing elevation gain during the Manaslu trek are challenging for the trekkers. Thus, we recommend purchasing only essential equipment and gear that can be used for future treks too. Trekkers can hire other trekking equipment and gear that might be required during the trek to minimize the trek cost. It is the best option to hire equipment and gear if the trekker’s budget is tight. Check the equipment and gear carefully before hiring.


Manaslu Trek in Nepal allures trekkers as well as treats them with an unforgettable adventure through challenging passes and remote authentic villages. The breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, ancient Tibetan culture immersion, and basic teahouse lifestyle during the trek are truly an enriching experience for trekkers. With proper preparation, and maintaining good physical fitness the Manaslu Trek is achievable. We guarantee trekkers a rewarding and memorable Manaslu trek journey with their wise and appropriate budgeting.

Manaslu Trek with Himalaya Trip?

Manaslu trek packages with Himalaya Trip are best sellers as per trekkers’ preferences but the most selling trek package is the standard 12-day Manaslu Trek cost from US749 to USD 849 per person. It is affordable to everyone and hence the most popular. Trekkers have the flexibility to choose their accommodation and other services at an additional cost.

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