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3 Aug 2019 Himalaya Trip

It seems you can’t go to Nepal without doing a trek.  That’s the first question travelers ask…”did you trek Annapurna/Everest/Manaslu?”  Rather than arranging to do a mountain climbing expedition in the cold and extreme altitude in the mountains of Nepal, I chose to do a village to village trek of 6 days. After all, if I wanted to hike uphill and be cold, I could stay home in Colorado and hike one of our many infamous “14ers” right out my back door. Which I don’t.  Instead, I chose the “Indigenous Peoples Trek”, a rarely booked hike, as everyone else in town wants to summit and conquer the peaks here. From the Nepal Hidden Treks website, here’s a description of the trek:

If you want more details information, kindly visit this link https://drd4-7rpostsfromaflashpacker.com/2019/07/05/the-indigenous-peoples-trek-the-real-nepal/?fbclid=IwAR3ongg74OXv1QODfW0TeuZAFbPZzVEMVUy8pC0EvNfEpu5_ooaVaC2dzT8

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