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Just finished my Mardi Himal Trek for 5D4N last week with 2 of my friends and it was an amazing and unforgetable experience with generous support from Harka, Jay (guide) & Umesh (porter) from Himalaya Trip. I enjoyed so much the trails eventhough we had to pass so many steep stairs up and down which seemly never ending but with continous support from Jay our guide and pampered by the beauty of Himalaya’s landscape and peaceful ambience of the forest during the walk so we could passed it safely and happily. Everyday we had different beautiful and interesting view. We were so lucky at the Highcamp we could be the witness of the magical beauty of Annapurna South & Marchapurche that we could see so clear under the stars and full moon at night which that’s my favourite moment that I won’t forget. The next day, on the way to View Point, I and one of my friend were having light mountain sickness but once again with assistance and support from Jay, he with his professional experience ensured us how to manage this issue so calm and finally we made it to View Point and greeted with an extraordinary and increadible view of Annapurna South & Marchapurche that we could see so close. Goshh, I got goosebump and speechless. Overall I really appreciated and give credit for the great assistance from Himalaya Trip starting from Harka that always help and answer my questions with patience eventhough unexpected date changing at very last minutes, outstanding guidance from Jay for his patience and continuous support for giving us the best experience during the trekking, and Umesh who assist us to carry our stuffs. I feel like having a little family. Once again thank you Himalaya Trip for giving us best experience.

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