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11 days Poonhill, Mardi and ABC Trek

Since we didn’t have any friends around us who had trekked in the Himalayas, the only information we could find was on the internet. Among several local agencies, we decided to undertake the 11-day long journey with Himalaya Trip Agency, which was the most responsive and created a customized trekking itinerary according to our wishes. I was worried because it was a two-woman trip, but thanks to the attentive consideration of Harka, the Himalaya Trip team leader, Surpa, an experienced guide, and Meshak, a porter who carried our luggage all the way to the top of the ABC with only Crocs sandals, we were able to focus fully on our schedule and enjoy trekking. It was surprising that guide Surpa’s weather forecasts and predictions about the expected arrival time were always correct. The lodges were cleaner than expected and the food was good. Potato dishes were especially delicious, so for the first few days, we only ate various potato dishes. I still vividly remember the morning I had at Poon Hill, the first summit on my itinerary, and the scent of the warm coffee I drank there. On the way up from MBC to ABC, I was out of breath and my legs were heavy, so I had no choice but to walk slowly, one step at a time, but my Surpa guide was right next to me, matching my strides until the end and giving me courage, so I was able to keep going without giving up. We would like to thank guide Surpa and Meshak porter once again for always being considerate and helping us during our 11-day itinerary. Although there are people who have never been to the Himalayas, there is no one who has been there just once… I am already thinking about plans for my next travel destination, and I hope to be able to work with a Himalaya Trip agency again next time.

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